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2022 - Introducing their sophomore album: "MFRSM"

SCREENS are a Mediterranean post-punk trio, a melting pot of diverse musical influences
both local and international.

"MFRSM" delivers a precise mix of intimate, hurting and wrathful texts, filthy guitars
and an atmosphere that immediately connects to the dark and shaded corners of modern city life.

This is a set of songs you could believe in.

Since their formation the band has not stopped performing live, gathering a dedicated crowd that attends every show around the country.

SCREENS are: Avidan ezra, Yuval Rozin, Omri Elazari.

אבידן עזרא, avidan ezra, SCREENS BAND
אבידן עזרא, avidan ezra, SCREENS BAND

2020 – SCEENS reshaped and rearranged, transforming themselves into a trio,
and started working on their debut album.

"It felt like we were finally able to say all we had to say at the moment, lyrics just flowed instantly, musical ideas and riffs merged in the most natural and free way.

It is a stripped down, no nonsense image
of who we are.

it's rough, it's fun, sometimes comic, and delivers our deepest and most emotional feelings in an honest way. Writing this album was simply a liberating process"
. Avidan.

AVIDAN EZRA – Lead vocal & Guitar



2022 – SCREENS is ready to release their debut album: "MFRSM".

The new album reveals SCREENS’s influences that span from classic foundation-layers like The Cure, The Clash and Wire, to post-punk revivers like Preoccupations, IDLES, The National, Parquet Courts and Protomartyr - While maintaining the middle-eastern influences that adorned their music since the beginning.

Under the thundering drums and the reverb-soaked guitars, Avidan Ezra sings with a rugged and hurting voice, full of both youthfulness and soul.


All Photos by: Gefen Reznik

אבידן עזרא, avidan ezra, SCREENS BAND


"You are hooked from the off by the piercing guitars and driving rhythm section. The bass line is very infectious and the shouty vocals work perfectly with the song. It’s the guitars that steal the show though, they sear through your soul as you listen, making you want to jump around in a mosh."  Indie Midlands

"What a way to kick off a brand new album. Fast Factors has everything you could want in a rough and ready
post-punk anthem."

“Fast Factors” is a fiery noise rock tune in line with acts such as METZ, Preoccupations, and IDLES. Reverb-heavy guitars, roaring vocals, and tireless percussion make for an adrenaline-pumping experience." Dusty Organ

No lulls or boring moments, just great artistry! You can really feel the love and emotion that went into it; it provided a real genuine moment". WE WRITE ABOUT MUSIC 

"The Israeli work is fast-paced and intense, like a desire to feel more real while listening to it. It is pure power to drive you crazy in the middle of any life and not regret anything. It destroys tranquility but I love that". Indie Criollo

 “The song comes as a blow of lightning and thunder in a storm of voices and guitars that conveys the madness.
This performance shows that this professional group knows what it needs to get out of their electric instruments".

Yossi Hersonski, Israel.

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